How Do You Know If a Psychic is Real?

When it comes to the topic of psychics and seeing the future, there’s no doubt that it has its fair share of skeptics.  Hollywood, the media and many of these “fortune tellers” have created a bad reputation for real and genuine psychics and spirit communicators.  Even so, there are several ways to tell if your psychic is real and ethical.

Real psychics:

  1. will not tell you that you have a curse and they can remove it.
  2. will provide you with guidance, not advice to help you achieve your goals and desires.
  3. will not make you feel dependent on them to fix your life but will instead empower you to help yourself.
  4. will not tell you they can bring a loved one, pet or friend back from the dead.
  5. will tell you a variety of scenarios that may occur depending on what you choose to do.
  6. will not tell you what you want to hear but instead tell you what they see for your future.

Many people believe that psychics know everything and this is not the case. Psychics can only look into the future but do not know everything and cannot choose or fix your future for you. This is when your personal free will comes into play. It’s important to have an open mind, questions and photos when you do see a real psychic. This will help to give you a more focused reading and improve the accuracy.

There is a possibility that your psychic has real psychic abilities but uses them unethically. An ethical psychic understands and respects the individual’s autonomy and right to take their life in whatever direction they choose. This is the idea behind offering guidance and not advice. If a psychic claims to be able to do things that seem nearly impossible, be wary of them and consider whether or not they are actually able to do what they claim to do. Warning signs and red flags to keep in mind are curses, black magic, causing death or destruction, removing bad luck and spells. These are usually ways to get you involved in a scam and you will end up paying for it, literally.

Of course there are other ways to tell but these are a few and can give you a big hint on what to expect from a real psychic.

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