Happy Holidays! Share, Love and Be.

Photo not taken by me.

The leaves are changing and autumn has arrived. Gracing us with its splendor and beauty everywhere.  I have always felt so connected to this amazing season. The sounds of leaves crunching under my feet, hot cocoa and well-spent time with close friends and family.

It is also a time of the year for some of the most significant holidays in many religions.  A time to connect with one another on a deep level, mainly spiritually or religiously. Or just share your personal beliefs and ideas with each other.

Often times, people have told me during the autumn and winter season they have discovered some profound truths about themselves or had an epiphany about something in life. I always thought that somehow mother nature grounded them more so they may have more time to reflect, evolve and share with others.

For me I have always felt more grounded during this time of the year. More inspired and compelled to create. Whatever it is, I feel that we are much like the story of the butterfly. During this time of the year, we enter our “cocoon” of introspection and as spring approaches, we come out as “butterflies”. Seeing the world in a different light or more evolved perspective.

The holidays are unique for many reasons. One of those is the opportunity to give to someone or to an animal. Giving doesn’t always mean money. Giving could simply being a shoulder someone needs to cry on.  Or volunteering to help an organization or an animal. And you may think, you don’t have the time to give or volunteer but believe it or not, life is an exchange of gifts. Every day you wake up, you exchange a part of you with the world and that is a beautiful present in itself. Even if you are down, you are a beautiful soul who has shared something special with this world. Don’t forget that.

This season, share the gift of yourself with the world. Love yourself. And simply accept who you are without self-criticism. Don’t be afraid to express the love you have inside. Someone out there will be thankful to you forever for it.

Happy Holidays!