Discovering Your Life Purpose Using Intuition

Have you ever felt confused about what your place in life is?  Or asked yourself the question, “What am I doing with my life?” Do you feel as though your intuition may be leading you into a different life path?

Before I discovered my life’s passion I constantly was questioning everything. I knew that I was born to do something important in this life but what exactly?

As a child I had a love for painting and expressing myself creatively. Naturally, I thought that I must have been born to be an artist. It was the one thing I felt very talented in and connected to. However as I got older, I found that creating became more a job and I lacked the passion for it. So the question I was faced with was what is it truly that I am supposed to do with my life? What was I really born to do in this world?

You may be feeling this same way right now. Or perhaps you know of people who are faced with these questions. It can feel difficult when trying to find out what we were meant to do on this planet. What do we do when everything we once thought we were supposed to be isn’t actually it?

The answer to that question for me was to simply trust my intuition. Trusting my intuition led me to gravitate towards the things I felt more interested in (besides art) which was developing my intuitive/psychic abilities.

It can be hard to trust our intuition or instincts. We don’t know how things will happen or why but somehow it just seems to happen perfectly. Have you ever been in a situation where you weren’t sure how something was going to happen but then suddenly its as if the Universe put all the missing pieces together and everything just fell into place?

Even if you aren’t the type of person to trust your intuition, perhaps now is the time to try. Listening to your inner voice may lead you to new opportunities and realizations.