Follow Your Intuition.

ImageWhat is intuition? How can you really differentiate between logic and intuition? Usually when we overthink things is when our logic and intuition mix which then confuses us. So how can you listen more to your intuition rather than let your logic rule your decision-making?

There are a variety of ways but mainly it’s creating a ritual of doing something you are passionate about or find a sense of peace in. Finding peace within is a process and everyone has a different approach to stilling the mind and tuning into themselves.

How do you find peace and stillness in your life? In my work as a psychic medium and intuitive, my clients have given me a variety of answers. Some people enjoy spending time in nature or just taking walks around their neighborhood. Others do yoga or exercise to achieve a sense of stillness and relaxation. I personally enjoy creating art, meditation or writing which are also forms of relaxing the mind and finding clarity.

As children we are much more intuitive and aware of our feelings and emotions. As we get older, we are taught to use our logic and train our minds to ignore our intuition. It definitely takes the magic out of life and we tend to attribute any synchronicity or odd occurence to “coincidence”.

But what if it isn’t just a coincidence? What if our intuition is aware of something deeper in the bigger picture of our lives and trying to lead us closer to our life purpose or just ultimate fulfillment?

Steve Jobs quoted that our intuition and heart knows already what we want to become. Start listening to yours and see what it’s telling you. Become aware of what your body and mind are trying to make you aware of.

See who and what you attract in your life and how it is and isn’t working for you. Once we start to pay attention to what is and isn’t working is when we can make the necessary changes to live a more fulfilling, happy and vibrant life. Through a personal ritual of meditation or any other type of practice to still your mind will you find greater clarity and growth.

And always remember to grateful for the things you do have in your life, intuition and gratitude go a long way into attracting better people, experiences and opportunities in our lives. It’s a process and is definitely worth the energy as the right things will fall into place leading you closer to who you are meant to be in this life.

Chaos: One of Our Most Powerful Teachers.

Image There are going to be moments where everything will feel completely chaotic. In these moments it will feel as if everything that can go wrong has going wrong. Perhaps this is you right now or maybe you can remember a time in your life when your world was turned upside-down.

When our lives shift so suddenly many times we can feel as though we are being punished. We may will feel the urge to blame something, anything outside of us. I know I have been there. It was as if anything I tried to make happen would just hit a wall and manifest into something completely unexpected. It could be anything from losing the someone via relationship, death, career concerns, family, friends.

Have you ever experienced this? It’s in these moments where sometimes it could feel as if our very world is ending. It’s hard to look at the situation from the outside and try to see if there is something deeper happening.

Our experiences will always be a part of us unless of course we have a sudden case of amnesia. It can be hard to deal with life especially when everything feels so chaotic and nothing right is happening.

Recently I heard someone say that these moments of chaos sometimes bring about the greatest changes in our lives and also teach us some very powerful lessons. It can be the very thing we needed to wake us up from remaining stagnant. It can also lead us to learning about ourselves and closer to our life purpose.

For example, the loss of a loved one via a relationship can be very devastating and emotionally-crippling. However, there may be a reason as to why the relationship needed to end. The loss of the relationship may have taught you something powerful about yourself or what you really are looking for in future relationships.

Whatever chaos you may have faced at the time was and is not enjoyable but sometimes chaos can bring forth great changes in ourselves and our lives. These changes may lead us closer to the essence of who we are and what our truths are as individuals.

Try to see it as an opportunity to learn something that may help you and those around you.

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Tapping Into Your Inner Wisdom.

Do you ever feel a connection to something deeper, outside of yourself?

There are various names for this energy, i.e. God, Buddha, Allah, Infinite Intelligence, Chi, or Universe. Regardless of the name used, it all seems to fulfill some type of purpose or play a role in people’s lives.

People often describe this feeling or energy as a oneness or connection to some type of higher, infinite wisdom.

Many of us discover a sense of peace in nature and enjoy spending time in this energy by praying, meditating and listening.

It’s no coincidence that these things would ground us and bring us closer to who we are, our life purpose and what we came here to do.

Interestingly, when we go within through these practices we may discover wisdom, guidance and life truths. Personally, I have found myself receiving messages, glimpses of the future, or guidance while meditating.

We each have a different way of tapping into our inner wisdom. It may not be through prayer or meditation. It could be simply sitting outside on a summer night and enjoying the night sky.

Inner wisdom and connecting to a higher energy may come through in various ways, i.e. creativity, writing, music, dance, or meditation.

As Rumi says, there is an entire Universe inside of you. See what you can discover by simply tapping into it.