+Work with Emily

When you work with Emily, you will receive a session catered directly towards your spiritual needs and purpose.

In a spiritual life session, Emily will focus on the following:

  • 1. Overall life purpose & path, i.e. what directions to take via career & other potential options 
  • 2. Your Spiritual development including potential blocks & how to overcome/release them 
  • 3. Potential future direction of intimate relationships and cutting cords to past relationships
  • 4. Financial concerns & potential direction 
  • 5. Connecting with Deceased Loved Ones & How They Influence & Communicate with You 
  • 6. Messages from Spirit Guides/Deceased Loved Ones
  • 7. Closure on difficult circumstances, situations and how to overcome life challenges 

Note:**Emily does not answer questions about legal concerns, relationship affair/cheating issues, or provide medical diagnoses. If you are seeking insight on any of the following please consult a legal counselor, medical practitioner or relationship life coach.

Emily takes pride in empowering her clients to move towards their life purpose and living a more balanced & happier life. Her guidance and insight are not to be used as a substitute for professional help and counsel regarding grief, loss, mental or emotional health or overall well-being.

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